"I have loved horses since I was a young girl. Reading every horse book I could borrow from the library helped me survive an abusive childhood. Horses have always been a big part of my challenging but very lucky life. I have been fortunate to meet many wonderful people in all aspects of the horse business including breeding, showing and racing. And I have also been fortunate to meet many wonderful horses, including the "Thunders"---mascots for the NFL Denver Broncos.
My partnership with Ann started 18 years ago when she began riding the first Thunder (one of the loves of my life) on the field for the  Broncos. I knew immediately she was an amazing rider. When the time came to transition to the second Thunder, I learned that Ann was also an amazing trainer. At this same time, Ann also began to train me to ride each of the Thunders at my non-profit events. She took me "back-to-basics" and taught me horsemanship skills and how to form a relationship and bond with my horse. As a result I was able to realize my own dream of riding Thunder on the Denver Broncos field! She sure makes it look a lot easier than it really is! Ann and I also have a special partnership that allows us to meet the challenges of taking these Arabian horses into special and challenging events and environments yet keep them safe and happy. The two Thunders love their jobs, and so do we. I never get over the thrill each and every time Ann Takes Thunder down the field after a Bronco score! Being her behind-the-scenes partner enriches my life and helps me to thoroughly enjoy my horses. After years of instruction and riding, it all clicked for me one day when Ann said, "You know Sharon, it's all about partnership." Thank you, Annie, for making me a better horsewoman....oh and by the way, I have a new goal!"

Written by Sharon Magness Blake