​Horses are precious beings - loving and occasional challenging.  

How you interact with your horse goes a long way toward their development and relationship with you, so make sure you've got all the best tools at your disposal to ensure the best TEAM relationship.  

Ann Judge is Cowgirls Up - she has lived her life believing what she teaches.  Ann is a fierce proponent of women's horsemanship and has dedicated herself to not only being a trainer but also to educating women about the issues affecting their quality of life.  Ann is personally involved in development of every aspect of Cowgirls Up to ensure that every participant receives the highest and most individually appropriate level of instruction.   

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​​Women's Horsemanship Retreat

Ann Judge is more than a horse trainer and riding instructor; she is a life coach.  Ann will take you and your horse to places you have never been before.  She will work with both of you to connect mentally and to touch each other's heart and soul.  Come join Ann at the next Cowgirls Up Retreat and be prepared to leave the weekend feeling empowered to handle life situations  on horseback and in your daily life.  

Personal Enlightenment & Growth via Your Horse

Cowgirls Up started with a simple premise: Make the resources available to every woman she needs to enjoy her horse no matter what the discipline.  At the same time, educate women about the importance of faith and trust in themselves and their horses.  We think you'll notice the difference as soon as you arrive at one of our Cowgirls Up Retreats.  We would love to see you at our next where we will map out an instruction and a training plan that is tailored to you and your horse.  

One thing's for sure - nothing stays the same for long.  We've got new educational and training clinics on a variety of topics that are important to today's active horsewoman.